Wed 18 - Thu 19 May 2022
Victory Room, Marvel Stadium, Docklands

17-18-19 May 2022, Marvel Stadium, Melb.

17-18-19 May 2022
Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melb.


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17-18-19 May 2022
Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melb.



Sonia Zeiback
Founder & CEO
Sonia Zeiback

Sonia is the Founder and CEO of Pappyon, a business connection and private social networking service. It is for people that own or run a business whoseek an online environment free of ads, spam and algorithm battles so they can easily communicate and engage with the people they actually know, meet and are introduced to.

Pappyon is a venture that was born at a time when Sonia was in the midst of completing studies for a Master of Social Investment and Philanthropy. Needless to say, Sonia’s desire to truly play a part in making the world a better place was growing and compounding by the day. Being a firm believer in the power of people using business as a force for good, the potential of the impact that could be achieved with and through a platform like Pappyon was too great an opportunity to leave unpursued.

As such, Pappyon’s guiding principles are very much driven by the belief that better business can make for a better world. That better business happens when profit doesn't come at the expense of people nor the planet. And that better business has always—and still to this day—resulted from the strength of the relationships built with those a business seeks to serve. The Pappyon team is determined to ensure we do not lose sight of this as our world continues to (rapidly) evolve digitally.

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