Wed 18 - Thu 19 May 2022
Victory Room, Marvel Stadium, Docklands

17-18-19 May 2022, Marvel Stadium, Melb.

17-18-19 May 2022
Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melb.


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17-18-19 May 2022
Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melb.



Miriam van Heusden
CEO & Founder
Miriam van Heusden

Experienced as a restaurateur, business coach and certified professional vocational trainer, a food and travel consultant, and an outdoor adventure lover.

As a mother and business owner, Miriam knows first-hand the importance of creating a healthy balance between work and family. She's owned three restaurants and is a highly regarded qualified trainer in the domestic and international education industry.

She delivers diplomas in hospitality, marketing, business, project & leadership management, and her industry experience and expertise is invaluable in these areas. She provides training and development for all aspects of digital marketing.

The creation of Maralytics started when Miriam was a restaurant owner. Frustrated at not being able to find a solution for her marketing activities, she went looking for a program that would analyse the results to see their effectiveness, easily make decisions and not waste money on marketing that did not work.

From day one in the restaurant, she planned, negotiated, tracked, and reported all advertising and marketing campaigns. Miriam always knew how important analytics are in business and marketing. Her philosophy is that the numbers tell a story, and the only way to improve performance is by not making the same mistakes as the past.

Miriam looks at growth and structure as the main core areas of business. She's created the technology to dramatically grow sales and improve performance results.

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