Wed 18 - Thu 19 May 2022
Victory Room, Marvel Stadium, Docklands

17-18-19 May 2022, Marvel Stadium, Melb.

17-18-19 May 2022
Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melb.


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17-18-19 May 2022
Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melb.



Judy Celmins
Director, Engagement & Marketing
Judy Celmins

Judy is passionate about marketing strategy. Understanding what works, discovering trends, generating fresh ideas.

She knows from deep experience how marketing is the heart of any business. And making that heartbeat stronger is THE fundamental centre of all business planning.

Judy has built and operated a wide variety of innovative businesses. Including retail, service, event management, and market research.

Currently, she runs ThriveableBiz. Helping small businesses break through the clutter with customer-centred marketing. Headlined by her new book Tough Love for SMEs, featuring the 7 Stages to a Healthy Marketing Heart.


Company Bio

Everything is Marketing! From operations to sales, the ultimate purpose of business is creating and retaining customers at a profit.

ThriveableBiz helps small business build a solid marketing foundation - from the birth of an idea, scoping the business case, and engaging with customers. We’ve designed the easy tools, self-help videos, pathways, and workshops to breakthrough in the new world.

Introducing our new book Tough Love for SMEs, featuring the 7 Stages of making your marketing heartbeat stronger. Authored by Judy & Eriks Celmins from our deep experience of creative problem-solving and business innovation.

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