4-5th November 2021 | Victory Room, Marvel Stadium, Docklands.

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4-5th November 2021
Victory Room, Marvel Stadium, Docklands, Melbourne

The biggest expo for small business

The inaugural Small Business Expo (SBE) and the Small Business Connections Summit (SBC) will be presented in November 2021 Melbourne Australia.

SBExpo is a part of

Small Biz Week is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive small business event of 2021. Spanning over three days, Small Biz Week comprises nine premiere functions aimed at empowering all industries, including seminars, expos, workshops and networking events. Each function is designed to re-engage, inform and grow the small business community. Hear from senior government officials, learn from industry experts and discover products and services to elevate your small business. 

80+ Exhibitors

30+ Speakers

Some of our past exhibitors

Designed to support, grow and connect SMEs

This one-stop-shop event will equip you with the right tools, knowledge and tech to develop your business in 2021. Our mission is to help start ups, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium businesses engage, connect and grow by recognising the needs, challenges and strategies vital to SME success.

Hear from industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs

Learn from high-profile entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts speaking on topics crucial to SME growth and survival, such as cybersecurity, funding options, marketing and tech developments.

Catch up on the latest SME trends and tech

SBEXPO 2021 serves as a platform for SMEs to showcase cutting edge products and services, connect with leading tech platforms, and forge new business opportunities. Stay on top of digital innovations and emerging strategies for business across all industry sectors.

Why attend?

  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Connect and re-connect with business leaders at the #1 business event
  • The latest solutions that will empower your team to break through the noise and improve the way they capture, convert and retain your audience
  • Free seminars & workshops to develop your knowledge so you can outperform your competitors
  • Learn from the best at the Small Business Expo 2021 in Melbourne, Australia
  • Innovative ideas, products, solutions and networks
  • One-stop-shop Small Business Expo 2021

Grow your small-to-medium business

Small Business Expo provides a opportunity for the small business sector to connect with over seventy exhibitors from Government Agencies, Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, brand partners and exhibitors from all industry sectors.

Want to learn more?

We have a number of limited speaking spots and sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available.
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